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PP Woven Laminated Bags & Sacks

We manufacture laminated HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) bags/Sacks, which are reinforced by laminating HDPE woven fabric to paper and are sealed at the center. Since, these laminated HDPE bags/Sacks are superior in strength; these laminated plastic bags/Sacks are most suitable for packaging products that are handled manually.

Particularly as retail packaging solutions there is no match for laminated/unlaminated HDPE bags because of the features like fine finish and bright printing.We even offer customized solutions for laminated and unlaminated HDPE bags to the exacting details of dimensional measurement besides material, printing, handling and finishing specifications as required by the client.

Technical Parameters:
Imprint :


Weight :

As per customer Requirement

Width :

12" to 36"

Packing :

As per customer Requirement

Length :

As per Required

Colors :

Any Colour

UV Stabilization :

As per customer Requirement


As per customer Requirement