We Provied

Best Quality

All incoming raw materials are verified; for their respective grades and quality parameters so that we could deliver better results after manufacturing.

Our quality checking phrases; start from the very early stages of the fabric / sacks manufacturing; since blending of raw materials. We monitor and conduct repeated analysis necessary to ascertain that; the consistency as per requirement of GSM; is met; so that the tapes; extracted out of it; gives best results on the looms.

Quality Monitoring System
  • Quality checking as per pre-defined Quality standards, of all semi-finished goods produced in the Extrusion and Weaving stage.
  • In process checking of all components used in the finishing stage i.e. Cutting, Printing and Stitching.
  • Full inspection of all bags produced, to ensure bags are produced within the tolerance specified.
  • Tensile and breaking strength of all the lots is checked on Tensile Tester